La culture maghrébine (et d'ailleurs) à travers tous les arts et principalement la photographie.
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  • As we stood there in the fringes between darkness and light waiting for the bus to continue our journey to the city of the Nile, I couldn’t help but wonder how did we ended up here? Just a few hours ago most of us didn’t even have it in their wildest dreams that we would be spending this weekend in Aswan. And for the most part, half of us haven’t been there before. It’s funny how things turn out when you say yes to a spontaneous offer. Apparently, what they say about catching opportunities seems to be true.

    It was only mere hours ago that the buss stared moving for the first time after a very long wait. And mind you, it wasn’t the most comfortable ride. Actually it was bad, not as bad as the buss we took back home, but that’s another story. However, we managed to get over the bumpy ride with sheer excitement and beautiful scenery. Besides, we weren’t in it for comfort anyways. Oh, and a piece of advice if you’re planning to go on a long journey in Egypt, Keep the buss your last option. And if you have to, then make sure you pick a good company with good busses. It will save you a lot of unnecessary discomfort on your journey, especially on the way back when you don’t have the same excitement you had before. Well, at least we got to take rests which we were just too thankful for, especially this one near dawn.

    Taking our rest we kept staring at the inviting curves of the forgotten Egyptian dessert being gently caressed by the moon handing it over to the rising sun, all I could think about was the look on the moon’s face seeing his beloved once again. As happy as it was sad, only a few minutes later and he would have to say goodbye yet again. I stood there watching the suns tear burning though the already burning sea of clouds. And don’t even get me started on the clouds, turning from warm dragons and eagles shaped butter to an angry hot sea of lava. It was as beautiful as it was spectacular.

    Come to think of it, that explains why the sun gets angry by midday. To be deprived of her loved one over and over again each day. And all they have is just a chance to look at each other’s faces waiting on the rare chance of an eclipse. However, no matter angry she gets, she can’t help but calm down again in anticipation for the second date of the day, even if it was just a few minutes to say hello and then goodbye. At that moment, a singular thought dominated my mind. What if it were me? What would I do then? And to think that there was a chance that I might not catch that exquisite story, I couldn’t help but be thankful I decided to take on this journey with my new and old friends. It was as spectacular as it was enriching.

    By Mohamed E.Issa:

    We travel together in Heissa..
    — ‎at ‎جزيرة هيسا Heissa Island‎.‎

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